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    I have used the Life Coach services of Sabina. It has brought an enormous change in my life. She has changed my outlook into positive. Her coaching has made me face life with enthusiasm. The inputs given by her, have made me excel both professionally and personally. If you rate my growth in a scale of 10, her coaching has helped me grow to a scale of 8. She has an in-depth knowledge about the subject, She is empathetic and a tough task master.

    Mr. Praveen S. A.
    Business Development Manager
    Supertron Electronics Limited, Bangalore.

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      About  Me
    2. Sabina Punekar Sabina Punekar is a life coach who specializes in Coaching on anything about life. As the trend today is development on a faster track, people do tend to get stuck in the images they build of themselves. Hence, most of the people do need some sort of a backing from the society to encourage, advice and coaxed into bringing them on the right track of development.

      As a mother of three with a software development background she is well suited to her coaching niche. Sabina’s Bachelor degree is in Science with a post graduate diploma in computer applications from the Mysore University. She has completed her coaching training from the CCA. (Certificate of coaches alliance) from the Symbiosis Coach training institute.

      Sabina took up Life coaching as it focuses on an individual’s entire life and it relates to goal setting, outcome creation and change. The fact is that all individuals are capable of generating their own solutions, while Sabina provides a supportive, discovery-based framework. While positive emotions are typically the natural outcome of great coaching, the primary focus is on creating strategies for changing your work or personal life.

      Sabina’s Mission is to provide exceptional coaching to all her clients. Her coaching is one-on-one coaching, tailored specifically on the client’s most important goals, interests, challenges and needs. Sabina follows a standard process, but customized to each individual client. Because Sabina is working one-on-one with the client, personal coaching sessions are much more focused and tailored for each client.

      She helps in overcoming Inner obstacles through personal coaching. Her target market is all who are facing any obstacle in their life and who needs a shoulder to discuss and set right the things.

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