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    I have used the Life Coach services of Sabina. It has brought an enormous change in my life. She has changed my outlook into positive. Her coaching has made me face life with enthusiasm. The inputs given by her, have made me excel both professionally and personally. If you rate my growth in a scale of 10, her coaching has helped me grow to a scale of 8. She has an in-depth knowledge about the subject, She is empathetic and a tough task master.

    Mr. Praveen S. A.
    Business Development Manager
    Supertron Electronics Limited, Bangalore.
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      Welcome to  My Website
    2. Sabina PunekarI Sabina Punekar, hale from a family where its been taught, “ to grow personally we need to help others grow” from a beautiful and city of palaces Mysore. I am a Post graduate in computer applications from Mysore University. Presently I am into development and implementaion of banking software. I have chosen to be a LIFE COACH as it is one in which I am most comfortable and have been appreciated time and again in all the ways I have helped people in general. I feel passionated about how things are handled in the lives of everybody. I feel there is a need in the society today to empower people with more values in their lives.

      The process of coaching is nothing but the client hiring a coach because they want to be streched and challenged. A good challenging coach consistently walks along that fine line of the client's comfort zone. I base my coaching on openness and trust. I am an honest person and this is going to build integrity in the coaching process. My pleasure comes from being a part of someone else's process and assisting them in seeing different ways they can create, the results they want. READ MORE »

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      Certified Life Coach  from Symbiosis Coaching
    4. Certified Life CoachThe Certification is based upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards as identified by world-wide coaching associations such as the International Coach Federation and others. The Symbiosis Success Conversion Coaching weaves together the components of coaching while assisting you in developing a greater self-awareness and confidence so that coaching becomes part of who you are. The course is fully complimented with working forms, worksheets, planning formats and additional reading.

      The Certified LIFE Coach program contains 24 independent, stand-alone modules delivered over 24-weeks. To ensure your success, which provide you with a complete "Turn-key" coaching system. The Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM) provides you with READ MORE »

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